Companies that Filed for Bankruptcy & Came Back

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Many people are nervous when they find out they need to file for bankruptcy in order to get a fresh start on their finances. And while you might be upset that you were unable to keep up with your debts, it’s important to remember it is possible to bounce back from bankruptcy. Below, we tell you about companies that have filed for bankruptcy and successfully made a comeback.

  • General Motors: In 2008, the company filed for bankruptcy and was eventually bailed out by the government.
  • Six Flags: The company filed for bankruptcy in 2009 because it was $2.9 billion in debt. Despite filing for bankruptcy, there are currently 16 Six Flags theme parks located throughout the United States.
  • American Airlines: Due to the rapid rise in fuel prices and intensified competition, American Airlines was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2011.
  • Marvel Entertainment: Marvel filed for bankruptcy in 1996. Back then, the business solely relied on comic book and action figure sales. Since then, Marvel has transitioned into making huge blockbuster movies like “Spiderman”, “The Avengers,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
  • Chicago Cubs: Before the team was bought by the Ricketts family, the Cubs filed for bankruptcy in 2009.
  • Jack in the Box: An E. coli outbreak that hospitalized 175 people and killed four children forced Jack in the Box to file for bankruptcy. The company rebranded itself and revamped its food safety programs and marketing campaigns.

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