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"I was comforted immediately at the first meeting."

I was comforted immediately at the first meeting. I met Joyce and Lauren and I was impressed by the professionalism. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking representation. Family environment, good people!

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      "I was comforted immediately at the first meeting."

      I was comforted immediately at the first meeting. I met Joyce and Lauren and I was impressed by the professionalism. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking representation. Family environment, good people!

      "We came through our struggles with little financial burden and even less stress. Thank you every so much."

      We were in a very difficult position after the real estate collapse and after working with another attorney who couldn't or wouldn't help us through our issues we found Neil Buchalter. What a wonderful thing to let all your worries and stress be set aside and let this firm take over. It was great to be able to speak to Neil or anyone in the office whenever we needed without having to make an appointment. They were there for us at all times. We came through our struggles with little financial burden and even less stress. Thank you every so much.

      Bill & Nickie K.
      "If I didn't know better, I'd say he's a magician!"

      I found Neil after having a very bad experience with another attorney, who cost me money, was unresponsive, and was unable do the job he was hired for. After hiring Neil, I felt like a drowning man who had just been thrown a life raft. Not only did he respond to my questions, but he did it promptly!! How refreshing! He's honest and straight forward, and knows what he's talking about. I give him such acclamation because of what he accomplished for me. In my situation, the odds were stacked so high against me, that even as the optimist that Neil is, he knew it was a long shot. We were dealing with multiple attorneys and tenuous negotiations. Everything had to align in a certain order, and in a limited amount of time. It was nothing short of a miracle, but Neil pulled it off! Because of him, I can start over with a floor beneath my feet. But even if he had been unsuccessful, I would still give him the highest praises for his character, concern, and effort. And so as not to leave anyone out, his staff was very pleasant and helpful as well.

      Karen L.
      "I'm not 100% that this testimonial conveys our true gratitude for everything your law firm has done for us. We are truly grateful."

      My wife and I started our journey with the Buchalter Law Group back in 2008. At the time, we owned several properties, one of which was in distress brought on by the beginning of the housing market collapse. We were beside ourselves with worry about it and the impact it could have on our credit. Fortunately, we were referred to Neil Buchalter for a consultation about our situation. After our initial meeting with Neil, we were no longer at our wits end and knew we would be in good hands. Over the years we have had many consultations with Neil to assess our situation, and always left his office with the overwhelming feeling that we would be just fine and have the best representation. During our “journey,” we have worked closely with several other people in the office. Lauren is an amazing lawyer in the foreclosure and modification process. Lauren spent many hours working with us and our banks for loan modifications. Of all the properties, we had two that we truly did not want to lose, and Lauren successfully modified both of them. June will navigate you through the bankruptcy process in a way that just seems way too easy; though it is a lot of work on her part. Joyce in the front office is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and is extremely helpful whenever you need assistance. We’ve relied on her on so many occasions. We are truly grateful for everything the Buchalter Law Group has done for us. Honestly, if you want to be treated like a client and friend, instead of just a number, then the Buchalter Law Group is the place for you as it is for us.

      Dawn & Wayne
      "You could not put yourself in more competent hands at any price."

      I don't usually write reviews; but Attorney Neil Buchalter did such an excellent job at advising me and guiding me through the worst financial crisis I have ever experienced, I want others to know; so that you may have the same help I received. My financial crisis was caused by the economic collapse. I lost everything that I had worked very hard for during my 30 years in business. Never did I expect to find myself in such a position; but it was impossible for me to stop the economic tsunami that rolled right over me. Probably the hardest single thing I ever had to do and that was to make the decision to quit. Neil was able to assist me in putting my situation in perspective and giving me hope. He explained that health and family were more important than anything else and bankruptcy was there to remove the financial stress that I was buried under. Neil was able to calm my fears and remove the financial burden. I consulted for over two years and I can only say he gave me back peace of mind. Anytime I had an issue that concerned me, I would call Neil. Receiving a summons brings on the anxiety. Neil would return my call within 24 hours and he always had a solution which reduced my stress and anxiety. Having someone to hold your hand that knows and understands this process is invaluable. I was able to trust Neil when he told me how things would play out. He definitely understands the ins and outs of his business. You could not put yourself in more competent hands at any price. I have already recommend my friends to use Neil's services and they have; and they were very pleased.

      Joyce A.
      "I would not have been able to move on with my life without mr. Buchalter's competence, friendship and faith in God."

      It was late in 2008, I was presented with a tax audit which became very complex. It resulted in owing over 2 million dollars in tax and penalties. What started as a civil audit became a criminal case. I went to various legal firms. I left those offices feeling depressed and despondent when they told me in so many words that my outcome would be federal prison. My depression went to despair and at times I felt suicidal. A short time later I was recommended by several attorneys to see Mr. Neil Buchalter. Upon my first visit with Mr. Buchalter I felt a flicker of hope. Within 2 or 3 minutes of crying and trying to explain my situation, this human being came from behind his desk and sat next to me. He gave me a hug and said "Ed, you are going to be OK, I promise you." From that moment I felt that someone cared about my situation and that he was going to do everything in his power to keep me from prision. I felt like a "U-Haul" was just lifted from my back. Mr. Buchalter besides being a credit to his profession is a competent, intelligent professional and compassionate soul. When he took my case, he kept me advised with phone calls, letters and meetings and mostly to make sure I was coping . He reassured me at my weakest moments that everything was coming along. Mr. Buchalter kept his promise and more. I served no time I prison. He worked directly with the IRS and negotiated a very satisfying Installment plan with the IRS. Through Mr, Buchalter's perseverance I have moved on with my life. With no hesitation, I can truthfully say that Neil Buchalter "saved my life". There is absolutely no way that I would have survived this emotionally stressful period of my life with his competence, friendship and faith in God.

      "Their expertise and experience is unmatched!"

      When the great recession hit my entire financial life was turned on its head. Unless you go through the experience it’s impossible to understand the anxiety and stress you and your family feel. The Buchalter Law group knows this. The minute you walk into their office the compassion and understanding is palpable. And when you speak with them their expertise radiates as you explain your situation and they guide you through the debt reconciliation process. I’m a proud person who was humbled by my situation. The Buchalter Law Group lifted me and my family back on our feet. More importantly, I’m a better person. The humility of the Buchalter Law Group set an example for me.

      "I have dealt with a lot of law firms in my life. Never have I had such a positive experience from a law firm."

      I first visited with The Buchalter Law Group in 2011 with substantial debt related problems ranging from a foreclosure on my home to considerable tax debt as well as substantial credit card and medical debt. Mr. Buchalter dealt with all my financial problems in a professional and competent manner and eased the considerable stress I experienced along the way. Every phone call was answered quickly and appointments were easily obtained whenever necessary. I would recommend this law firm and have recommended this law firm highly to others in financial trouble. Michael P

      Michael P.
      "The kindness of this office was such a blessing."

      When I first visited The Buchalter Law Group I felt that my back was broken. I was so stressed about the possibility of losing my home. I was so surprised by the kindness of the entire staff of this company and the professional way that my case was handled. Mr. Buchalter and Ms. Buchalter were ALWAYS available either in person, by telephone or on their cellphones, which numbers they gave me if ever I needed to speak to them. They got my mortgage modified to a wonderful monthly payment and saved my home. I am so thankful for this wonderful company.

      Meir S.
      "Brought us out the other side with a more than satisfactory resolution."

      During a stressful time the Buchalter Law Group guided us every step of the way through our bankruptcy and brought us out the other side with a more than satisfactory resolution. We would heartily recommend them to any one in need of sound legal advice and guidance.

      Bruce & Roz
      "They really cared about my situation and listened."

      I highly recommend this firm! They really cared about my situation and listened. They made the process easier and achieved amazing results.

      Happy Client
      "Thank You"

      We used the Buchalter Group 10 years ago. We appreciate their help and couldn't have made it without them.

      Anonymous Cocoa, FL

      This could not have been an easier process. Mr. Buchalter told me exactly how the process would go in our consultation, and June made sure everything was handled. They answered all my questions along the way. After my discharge was approved my credit score immediately went up 150 points and I was able to finance a car 10 days later. I highly recommend this law firm if you ever have to deal with filing bankruptcy.

      Veronica Merritt Island, FL
      ""The Best Law Firm (and people) Around!""

      About 30 years ago, Neil helped me navigate a bankruptcy and was understanding and helpful. Years later when the space shuttle program ended, Neil and Lauren guided us through debt reduction and pre-foreclosure. We got smarter, debt-free and they we instrumental in saving our home! They have helped other members of our family with successful results as well! Whatever financial help you need, debt negotiation, bankruptcy, foreclosure assistance or just someone to point you in the right direction - Buchalter Law Group should be your choice!

      Susan Reeves SImpsonville, SC
      ""The Best Law Firm (and people) Around!""

      No matter your needs, Buchalter Law Group should be your choice! Bankruptcy, debt negotiation, foreclosure, pre-forclosure, tax help or simply a reassuring point in the right direction - They do it all and they (Neil & Lauren) have helped me and my family numerous times in the last 30+ years! The advice and professionalism and friendship type care are second to none! They are simply great! I've got my dream house today because of their help!

      Susan Reeves Simpsonville, SC
      "Exceeded Expectations"

      The saddest year ever..loss of a Mother ..Recovering from medical issues...and hit with a 25% wage garnishment..all at the same time ..Neil Buchalter and June walked with me thru this uncertain part of my life..And as He stated and showed with his kindness..I would make it thru this and things would be better...a true Christmas Gift this year..God Bless .I get to move on with a good start from here .

      Mr Thankful Merritt island, FL

      Service is excellent, June explains everything, she is supportive, she listens and cares, this is a great team, you won't find better. Thank you

      Jane Rockledge, FL
      "Excellent Sevice"

      Friendly and very professional with excellent Service.Highly Recomended.

      Letitia orrison Melbourne, FL
      "June is awesome!"

      June is awesome! She is patient, professional, thorough, and so kind & caring that she practically held my hand thru the entire process. Thank you so much Buchalter Law Group!

      T.J. Melbourne, FL
      "Fantabulous Law Firm"

      Everyone in this office is great, professional, informative and patient with many questions helping in my bankruptcy. June especially was very accommodating and thorough....Made my situation much easier to deal with.

      Barbara H. Melbourne, FL
      "June went above and beyond!"

      We would like to thank Buchalter law group for their services, especially June who went above and beyond we appreciate everything you have done for us. Sincerely the Kelderhouse 's

      Mr and Mrs G. K III Cocoa, FL
      ""Firm means Team!""

      It was a pleasure working with each person in the firm. All the effort made us feel special. The outcome was more than we had hoped for.

      J Melbourne, FL
      "Life savers"

      June was wonderful! She made a very stressful situation into a "piece of cake". I thought the experience would be far more grueling than it was. She was on top of everything, and never missed a beat - even performing a small miracle. I have my life back thanks to her. And I couldn't be more grateful!

      GC Palm Bay, FL
      ""All matters were handled expertly and effectively""

      I engaged the services of Buchalter & Pelphrey for tax and bankruptcy assistance. Shortly thereafter the nation was plunged into pandemic, but their work continued as normal. I am pleased to say that all matters were handled expertly and successfully. Both Neil Buchalter and Robert Pelphrey were readily available to answer all my questions. All the other personnel with whom I dealt were equally capable, effective, and pleasant. This law office is truly a "judgement free zone". I would STRONGLY recommend this law office to anyone who needs such services. They are also very reassuring when one is facing the frightening "unknowns" of tax and bankruptcy issues. They made an unpleasant situation much easier than I would have imagined possible. Thanks for all the help and advice.

      AP Melbourne, FL
      "If you ever find yourself in the terrible position of having to file Chapter 7, you need these people."

      Modern bankruptcy is much more like a divorce, or arbitration. There is no winning for anyone; just shades of losing. Your bankruptcy firm is no savoir, just a guide through the minefield. Understand this, and the process becomes more palatable. This firm is your best guide through the process. If you are about to step on a mine, June is an exemplary professional who will very gently tell you in a comforting accent, "You may be stepping on a landmine." Listen to her. If you ever find yourself in the terrible position of having to file Chapter 7, you need these people. June will be your best guide through the process. The attorneys are impeccable and entire staff are consummate professionals.

      Bruce S. Trulio Cocoa, FL
      "Great firm"

      My experience was very good they are top notch firm June was very patient with and very kind with me through out the whole process I would like to say thanks!

      Donna Palm Bay, FL

      I would like to thank BUCHALTER & PELPHREY and receptionist for your support with my Chapter 7, and recommend your law firm to others.

      Mr. Woodin Cocoa, FL
      "The BEST"

      Only Go for The BEST - leave the rest‼️ Buchalter & Pelphrey Law Group … are way ahead in their ability to assist us when in a terrible situation … you will only LOSE .. if you don’t CHOOSE … Buchalter & Pelphrey Law Group … all people involved are terrific, June was fabulous and Andrea was super quick in getting my questions forwarded to the right person… answers were always sent with the speed of light - From Front Desk - To Case Closed - EXCELLENT ‼️ Highly Recommend this firm … A Happy Client !

      A.B Merritt Island, FL
      "Neil put me at ease right from the beginning."

      Neil put me at ease right from the beginning I had been fighting the idea of bankruptcy for years. Finally made an appointment spoke with Neil and felt comfortable and in good hands. Judy is outstanding and such a pleasure to work with she is a wiz at her job.

      Robert G.
      "Thank you for helping me get my life back on track."

      This was my first time going through bankruptcy. I was nervous, and worried, didn't know what to do. A friend recommended the Buchalter Law group. I'm glad I called. Neil, he answered all my questions and assured me that everything would be ok. I want to thank June she's a lifesaver. She took care of all my paperwork and sat down with me, and explained to me the whole process. Thanks to her I was in and out of court within minutes. Thank you very much Buchalter law group for helping me get my bankruptcy discharge and helping me get my life back on track.

      "From the time you enter the front waiting room area Joyce is very welcoming and you immediately feel comfortable. Neil and June are outstanding and always return your important phone calls ."
      Vivian A.
      "Amazingly accurate advice!"

      All the team from Legal consulting to everyone in daily operations were so professional. My advice and everyone's help was spot on what I needed at a difficult time. With the process finished I would recommend Neil and June every time!

      Jeff Shick Palm Bay, FL
      "uncommon professional and compassion"

      We live in a self- centered, impersonal world full of technology, where people have forgotten how to treat one another. This law office has no knowledge of that concept. They are genuine, caring, and personal. If you add their degree of excellence and professional to that, it's easy to see why they have been a successful law firm for over 50 years. Bankruptcy is stressful, and fear of the unknown consequences can be too much to bear. Neil Buchalter and his staff are reassuring and readily available. They make the process a relief instead of a fear. They are a blessing to this community. Their high standards are an outstanding example of what professionalism is supposed to be.

      Terri H. Titusville, FL
      "Best in the business"

      Neil and June are amazing! Unfortunately, we lost our gym during covid. Neil educated us on our options and counseled us through the bankruptcy process. June, the miracle worker, brought us the best outcome we could ever hope for. We never worried or felt neglected by this firm. Very compassionate and professional.

      Kim and Stephen Merritt Island, FL

      B&P was referred to me by a trusted professional associate. The B&P TEAM exceeded my expectations at every turn. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone seeking superb, solid, professional legal assistance.

      Former Client Cape Canaveral, FL
      "You cannot beat this law firm!"

      I cannot say enough positive things about this Law Firm ... From Neil J. Buchalter, ESQ. to every member of his staff... ESPECIALLY the members of his staff. I had a small business loan which did not succeed and was struggling to try and get a second chance to move on in life. I went to 2 different lawyers (which ended up being most fortuitous) because I finally found the PERFECT LAW FIRM ... the Buchalter Law Group! From my first meeting with Neil Buchalter to every member of his staff, especially June Mackrell and Joyce Muratore, and everyone else in the Law Group, they immediately made me feel at ease and understood my situation immediately. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ... THEY CARED! I have been able to re-start my life and have my bankruptcy behind me. The feeling of relief is unbelievable. I can not thank the BUCHALTER LAW GROUP enough and am so grateful. They are the epitome of a caring, professional and attention to detail team that you need on your side. VERY VERY RESPECTFULLY, Robbie M.

      Robbie M.
      "Most impressive to me was the caring attitude and very quick response time every time I reached out."

      As many of us did during the housing boom we made a bad investment on a building lot. Within six months my wife lost her job and the housing bubble burst. By just searching the internet we found Neil. I have no idea what we would have done without him. He managed us through a very long and hard time. The lender would not give up and ended up taking us to court. With the help of Neil we were able to settle. Most impressive to me was the caring attitude and very quick response time every time I reached out to Neil. He is awesome to work with!

      "Did a great job of helping us negotiate these tough times.It was like the big stress monkey climbed off our backs."

      My wife and I got caught up in the housing crash in 2008. I wasn't sleeping well because of the stress. A friend of mine recommended Neil's law group to us. Neil and his staff did a great job of helping us negotiate these tough times.It was like the big stress monkey climbed off our backs. Thanks so much Neil for your patience, knowledge and understanding.

      Jim K.
      "We now have zero credit card debt, have money in savings and are much smarter about our spending habits and use of credit."

      My wife and I found ourselves in deep debt. Poor decisions and the housing market lead us in that direction but ultimately it was our fault. We knew we had a problem and sought help from Consumer Credit Counseling. They were unable to negotiate payment plans with our creditors and each day our debt increased with penalties and late fees. That's when we turned to Neil. After meeting with him, we felt as though we were back in control and had a clear plan to get us back on track financially. With Neil's guidance, we now have zero credit card debt, have money in savings and are much smarter about our spending habits and use of credit.

      "We highly recommend Buchalter Law Group to anyone having financial problems."

      After years of difficulty with a financial problem, we contacted Buchalter Law Group. With the help of Neil and his negotiations with the bank, we were able have the problem resolved. The firms knowledge of personal financial matters were invaluable in going through a difficult process. We highly recommend Buchalter Law Group to anyone having financial problems. Neil was always available to discuss the status of negotiations with our lender and quickly returned our calls. We very are satisfied with the final outcome.

      "Helped us throughout the entire process with kindness and professionalism."

      Everyone at Attorney Neil Buchalter Law Group helped us through a very difficult time with our bankruptcy. Any time we had a question we were answered right away and June helped us throughout the entire process with kindness and professionalism. We can’t thank you enough for all of your help!

      Lynne & Jerry
      "Saved my son."

      Mr Neil Buchalter saved my son. We were desperate about his situation but Mr. B. came along and took over. Upon reviewing my son's case, he diligently took over and made things happen. I thought it would cost us a fortune but NO. He was very fair, honest with an "open door policy". He never refused to see us he was always there to advise us and give us confidence. His crew is unbelievably professional and capable. If I had to do it over again, it would be NEIL BUCHALTER. No one else. If you want to contact me please ask Mr. B to give you my email as I do not want to disclose my son's name. I recommend Mr. Buchalter with all my heart to anyone in need of his services.

      Happy Client
      "I am pleased beyond words."

      Lauren Buchalter, With life's twists and turns and the increasing difficulty in finding professionally competent and personal service, it is a pleasure to write this letter. When you find someone that is easy to talk to and quickly and painlessly resolves your problems within their scope of expertise, you want to tell them and others. After my experience with you personally and the quality of service you and your staff offered my wife and I, I just want to say "Thank you so very much". Trying to resolve a foreclosure process, I had enlisted the help of a large and seemingly qualified law firm. The result was expensive, very lengthy and unresolved. My experience with your firm has been just the opposite. I received qualified, personal and professional service from both you and your staff. The process was very quick and painless. The end result being a resolution I had begun to think was un-achievable. I am pleased beyond words. So again, I thank you and your staff for the professional treatment and services rendered.

      George E.
      "An incredible blessing through the most challenging times."

      After 2004 Hurricanes, 2005 Bankruptcy at the Company I was employed at, and a 2008 Banking Implosion, my financial life was in shambles. Neil, along with his daughter Lauren, stepped up to help navigate me through the shark-infested waters. Their deep knowledge and expertise in Mortgage, Banking and Tax law proved to be immensely valuable through a most difficult process. Their kindness, approachability, and compassion set them leagues above any Law Firm I have experienced (or even heard of!). I am forever grateful for their hard work, dedication, and candor. They were truly a blessing to myself and my family. I would wholeheartedly recommend Buchalter Law Group to anyone facing financial challenges! More than great professionals; simply good souls with a passion to help and serve! GOD Bless you Neil, Lauren, and the entire Group!

      James B.
      "Above and beyond!"

      My company was recently on the wrong end of a law suit represented by a major national law firm. We tried to hire a number of local attorney's but were turned down. " I think they were afraid of who they were up against". Then we called the Buchalter Law group and Neil Buchalter represented us, not only was he not afraid to take this case but he did his homework, stood his ground and he settled the case for less than 10% of what they were asking for. We are very satisfied with the outcome and highly recommend this law firm. Thank you Neil and your entire staff.

      "Exceeded my expectations!"

      Neil and his staff went above and beyond my expectations, in delaying the foreclosure of my home. Due to my being self employed, the bank would not negotiate a refinance of my mortgage. But, Neil, Lauren, June, & Bobby did all that they could, to stall the bank repossessing my home, five years after I stopped making payments! Neil even called me on a Saturday, from his vacation, in reply to an email on a Friday! I would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking to keep their home, or stall losing it, to the bank.

      Matthew S.
      "Thank you all & God Bless them all."

      Neil & his staff done a great job on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy & a home modification for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you all & God Bless them all. Rick & Cathy F.

      Rick & Cathy F.
      "I could not have asked for a better attorney and staff."

      Dear Mr. Buchalter, I would like to thank you and your staff so very much for helping me with my bankruptcy. You all are very professional and excellent in your work at helping people with their bankruptcy. You all are very caring and kind in many ways. I could not have asked for a better attorney and staff. You will always be remembered and I am very grateful to all in your office. I will recommend your law office to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney. Thank you so much. God Bless you all, Kathy V.

      Kathy V.