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What is Deficiency Resolution?

Protecting Your Rights After Foreclosure

Individuals going through foreclosure already have enough to worry about without having to add the stress of a possible deficiency judgement. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility that a number of individuals face after a foreclosure. A deficiency judgement can hold you accountable for the monetary difference between the mortgage amount and the sale price after a foreclosure. For instance, if the mortgage is for $250,000 and the home sales for $225,000 after foreclosure, you may be responsible for that additional $25,000.

At Buchalter & Pelphrey Attorneys At Law, our Brevard County foreclosure lawyers work with you in order to find a resolution with the mortgage lender. It is our ultimate goal to help you get out of this situation with as minimal an impact as possible. We know that you are already experiencing a difficult hardship with the loss of your home, and going through a financial problem can be that much more devastating. Allow us to represent your best interests and seek the resolution options you need to move forward with confidence.

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Benefits of Working with Our Brevard County Foreclosure Attorneys

When it comes to protecting the rights of our clients during and after the foreclosure process, we are truly tenacious, dedicated, and compassionate. We never want to see our clients walk away from a situation in a negative way, and we will do whatever we possibly can to help.

Our firm boasts the following:

  • 50+ years of combined experience
  • Thousands of cases handled
  • Direct communication with your attorney
  • Voted “Best Legal” by Brevard County local news

Always focused on your best interests, our team will guide you through the process of deficiency resolution in hopes of finding the most favorable outcome possible. No case is too simple or too complex for us to handle. You can count on us to advocate for your needs from start to finish.

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