How to Navigate the IRS Appeals Process

Deciphering your tax burden can be complicated and frustrating, especially when you’ve just had to go through a full-scale audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, as a taxpayer you have certain rights, and one of those rights is the ability to contest some decisions made by the IRS.

At The Buchalter Law Group, we have well over 40 years of experience representing our clients in difficult tax matters, and skillfully helping them through these complex disputes. We understand exactly how to navigate the appeals process, and we can give you the strong advocacy you need when going up against the vast resources of the IRS.

In this post, we’ll discuss when you should consider appealing a tax decision – and how we can help you out!

When Should I Consider Appealing?

Although the IRS is often reluctant to admit this information, thousands of taxpayers may see mistakes on their tax returns and audits. In fact, the IRS sends pre-emptive notices to upwards of 1 million taxpayers about possible math errors and clerical mistakes, in a commendable attempt to double-check their own work. However, the truth is that not everything gets caught, and when you receive the results of your audit, you may feel shocked and discouraged to see a hefty tax burden attached to your name.

Luckily, when you don’t agree with the IRS, you can request an official Appeals Conference with the Office of Appeals. This is a formal legal hearing that allows you to have legal representation, and to make a case for reversing the decision. In order to be eligible for an appeal, you must simply dispute the terms of your decision, and have a letter from the IRS that clearly states your legal right to appeal.

If your only concern is not being able to pay your tax burden, or if your official IRS correspondence was actually just a billing notice, a tax appeal may not be right for you. But in many other instances, your concerns could merit further investigation, and a skilled tax attorney can help you understand where the IRS went wrong.

Dedicated Counsel from Brevard County Tax Lawyers

While you can choose to represent yourself in any IRS proceedings, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a dedicated attorney as soon as possible. There are multiple complex forms that must be filed, in addition to a formal protest letter that defines the exact terms of your dispute. All of these documents can take a lot of time to prepare, not to mention that it can be difficult for consumers to stay up-to-date on the intricacies of tax law.

At the Buchalter Law Group, we’re committed to providing our clients with compassionate and seasoned counsel in both tax and bankruptcy matters. When you’re considering an IRS appeal, our skilled legal team can review your case and help you decide on the appropriate action.

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