The 5 Traits of Effective Bankruptcy Lawyers

The qualities of a good lawyer are highly subjective – and dependent on what area of law your case falls under. It goes without saying that a competent criminal defense attorney has to prioritize different strategies, traits, and skills than an employment lawyer, or a personal injury attorney. But what are the key qualities of a good bankruptcy lawyer? When you don’t have the right representation, it can make the difference between a fresh start and a deeper slide into debt. In this post, our Brevard County bankruptcy attorneys at The Buchalter Law Group break down the qualities you’ll need if you’re looking to find permanent debt relief.

5 Questions to Consider When Selecting Your Bankruptcy Counsel

1. Are they ethical?

The very first question you should ask yourself about a bankruptcy lawyer is simple: Do they have strong principles? If not, you should run, not walk, in the other direction. Because bankruptcy law is complex and easily misunderstood, some unscrupulous legal professionals may try to take advantage of you. Make sure to find someone honest and forthright, who strongly emphasizes integrity as one of their core values. If you are unsure, see if you can get a free initial consultation from multiple sources to compare, and always go with your gut.

2. Are they clear and effective communicators?

Someone who can clearly explain complex bankruptcy procedures is more likely to be effective, and honest in their dealings. If you can’t trust your attorney to explain basic legal principles to you, then how can you expect them to make a strong argument to your creditors?

3. Do they have past experience in bankruptcy cases?

After more than 35 years of combined experience, we’ve come to believe that not a single debt relief or bankruptcy case is ever the same as the next one. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to file for a specific chapter of bankruptcy in order to get the debt relief you need. It’s also possible you may not need to file for bankruptcy, and debt negotiation would actually be a better option. If your bankruptcy attorney does not discuss all the possible options with you, they are probably inexperienced – which is bad news for your bankruptcy case.

4. Are they detail-oriented?

All good lawyers are detail-oriented, but perhaps no branch of law requires more attention to the fine print than bankruptcy and tax law. Whether your lawyer is liquidating your assets or standing up to aggressive creditors, it’s imperative that they be armed with the right facts. Unless your bankruptcy lawyer has done a full and thorough accounting of your situation, you should not trust them to handle your case.

5. Do they offer personalized service?

Bankruptcy is a difficult time, no matter your situation. If your lawyer does not act in a compassionate, respectful, and caring manner, it’s unlikely they will have the passion and drive needed to fight for your rights.

Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer with the 5 qualities we’ve listed above? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at The Buchalter Law Group. With a reputation for integrity, compassionate counsel, and effective debt negotiation, our team can provide the assistance you need to make it through your bankruptcy.

Face the future with confidence. Contact our bankruptcy attorneys in Brevard County for a free case evaluation.

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