How to Enjoy Summer After Bankruptcy

palm trees with sunny summer sky

Summer is here, but if you’ve just exited bankruptcy, you might be wondering if you’ll get to enjoy it as you may have in the past. Although it’s true that coming out of bankruptcy means that life and your finances will be a lot different, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the fun.

Budget Your Summer

Life after bankruptcy means learning to make a budget and abide by it. Even if your reason for filing for bankruptcy in the first place was beyond your control, it’s a sensitive time right now and adhering to your budget can help you avoid falling into financial hardship again.

Learn to Make Concessions

Living on a budget means you’ll have to make concessions, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing every opportunity to have fun. If you want to go on vacation, consider more cost-effective accommodations and means of travel. Staycations (vacations close to home) have been a popular way to get away for a while without ever going too far from home or spending too much money to get there.

You don’t have to miss out on events on activities either, just understand that you may not be able to participate in everything this year. Make a priority list of some of the most important things you want to do this year and weigh the costs of doing them against each other to find out how much fun you can squeeze out of your budget!

If you have children, summer camps, sports camps, and other activities are important enrichment opportunities. Just as you have to prioritize such things for yourself, you must also do so for your children. That can mean only sending them to their favorite camp this year, or sending them to a few more affordable activities in its place.

There are also plenty of free or low-cost ways to enjoy summer, too. These can include days at the park or beach, day trips to a nearby state or national park, or spending time with friends and family. Although these things may not seem as memorable, the contrary is often true when you’re focusing on the people who matter most in your life.

Hang in There

No one said life after bankruptcy was easy, but it doesn’t always have to be so hard. If you adjust your expectations, that can go a long way toward helping things feel a lot more comfortable after bankruptcy.

So, just hang in there! Practice your budgeting skills and take the opportunity to enjoy simpler things in life. By most accounts, they’re the most important.

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