Neil J. Buchalter, Esq.

Brevard County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Neil J. Buchalter, J.D., Attorney at Law, is the founder of Neil Buchalter, P.A. and The Buchalter Law Group. These law firms have represented individuals and businesses in Brevard County for over 35 years. Mr. Buchalter was raised in Brevard County, attended public and high school in Brevard County and attended college and law school in Florida. His ties with Florida have been throughout his entire life.

As an attorney for over 35 years focusing on tax, bankruptcy, debt resolution, and foreclosure defense, Mr. Buchalter’s wealth of knowledge and experience include being involved in some of the most complex Brevard County Chapter 11 reorganizations, to representing individual Brevard County residents who may have been the victims of the layoffs after the Challenger disaster. Furthermore, Mr. Buchalter’s experience ranges from helping individuals who may have been the victims of the housing crisis of 2008, to those who may have suffered health issues and simply need a fresh start.

As a skilled tax attorney who has worked with the Internal Revenue Service for his entire career, Mr. Buchalter has a reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled attorney who has resolved tax problems effectively and amicably with local and nationwide Internal Revenue Officers. It is for these reasons that Mr. Buchalter brings a unique skill set to the law practice he founded. On top of continuing his work for the community, Mr. Buchalter is currently mentoring his daughter, Lauren, who has worked with her father for over 10 years throughout college, law school, as a practicing attorney, and now partner of The Buchalter Law Group.

Aggressive, dynamic, innovative, and compassionate, Mr. Buchalter brings a skill set that is unique to Brevard County. His knowledge and experience enables him the ability to provide sound solutions and maximum protection for clients, as well as resolving the most difficult tax and legal issues across several disciplines simultaneously.

As shown by being voted by readers as the best lawyer / law firm in North Brevard by a local newspaper, Mr. Buchalter has related to and endeared himself with his clients and has a heart for the problems that Brevard County residents face on a daily basis. It is Mr. Buchalter’s compassion, accompanied by his vast skill sets which enable him to resolve legal and financial issues while offering clients a comforting shoulder to rest on during the most difficult periods they may be facing.

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